Weekly Goals

I have gotten out of the habit of writting my weekly goals, so this week I am getting back on track! I always have my daily & weekly “to-do” list but this is a list of things other than cooking, cleaning & schooling. I hope you are inspired to write your own list of goals. Start small and work up. I tried starting with 10 weekly goals and was quickly defeated. So, I backed it down to 5 goals a week. I have now made my way to 8 goals a week! I will usually post my list on Mondays, but I am running a little behind. SO…..here is this week’s list of goals!


  • Love note/text to Brown Rooster
  • Read 20 min a day to the Chicks



  • Stay on track with daily/weekly lists
  • Rearrange furniture to functionality

I would love to hear your goals for the week!

Have a productive week!

PS –  Here is a link to my weekly & daily goals lists! I have an AMAZING graphic designer that makes all my stuff! Take a browse through her etsy store!


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