Whip it up Weekend Recipe – Nesquick Makeover

So, I will admit….my Chicks will only drink chocolate milk. Yes, I know…terrible parent, but if I can insure that they are going to drink it and get a proper amount of calcium, I will do it. Our pantry was always stocked with chocolate syrup or Nesquik  Have you priced Nesquik recently??? EXPENSIVE!!!! Or read the ingredients??? EWW!!! I figured there had to be a healthy, less expensive way to give my chicks their chocolatey goodness, so I turned to my trusty friend….Google. 🙂 I found some recipes for a syrup style chocolate and tried that for a while, but making it was time consuming. Google and went back to work again…

Here’s what I found thanks to Sugar Bananas! 

2/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup cocoa

pinch of salt (which I always forget to put in and it tastes just fine)

Stir it up until mixed thoroughly.


Now, to actually make it into chocolate milk took some trial and error since the cocoa doesn’t like to dissolve in cold milk. Easy solution…mix powder with a tablespoon or 2 of hot water, then add the milk! Delish!

And the chicks (and myself)  love it!

This is a quick 2 minute recipe you can Whip it Up in no time!


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