Crock pot Brown Rice

When it comes to making rice on the stove, I am TERRIBLE at it! I either burn it or it is underdone. And minute rice is a no-no in my house! I love to cook and I like to say I am pretty good at it, but this “bad rice” was going to push me over the edge! I know  a rice cooker would have solved all my problems, but if I asked Rooster Brown to buy me yet ANOTHER appliance it would be bad! I knew there had to be an easier way. What’s easier that a crockpot right? And the fact that I now own several I had to make it work! I began to scour through my cook books and found just what I was looking for! Crock Pot Brown Rice! Genius!!! Here’s how it works:

Spray crockpot with a little olive oil or cooking spray.

Pour in 2 cups of rice

Add in 4 cups of water (or 5 cups if you like stickier rice)

Add Salt and butter to taste

Replace the lid and set crockpot to High for 3 hours.


You will have the BEST brown rice ever!!! Serve it up with your favorite dish! Or try one of our favorites Sweet & Sour Meat Balls or Beef Tips & Gravy!




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