Body Wash

Today’s recipe isn’t edible, but it is definitely frugal! I used to coupon for my body wash, but that was time consuming. I mean I seriously spent several HOURS every week trying to find a great deal. I knew I could save money AND time by just making my own body wash. I know…crazy! Trust me, I heard it from Rooster Brown! Now, I’ve tried to make body wash before and it was a flop. This time however was a success and I’m happy to share it with you!

Here’s what you will need: 101_6946

1 gallon distilled water (save the jug)

2 bars of soap (I used Yardley’s Almond Oatmeal)

Glycerin (found on the first aid aisle)



Here’s what you do:

Grate the bars of soap and measure out 3 cups into a large pot. Pour in 12 cups of distilled water and heat until the soap is melted. Add in 3 tbls of glycerin. Stir thoroughly. Set aside to cool and Wait.


Melted soap and water! Yum!

Keep waiting….and stir

Stirring and waiting…

(at this point you will think you have done some thing wrong)

But then suddenly it will start to get gloppy. There’s no nice way to say this, but it will look like…ahem…snot…

Once it is completely cooled and thick,  add in the last 4 cups of water and beat with your mixer. Then funnel back into the gallon jug you will also need another jar since it thickens up to more that a gallon. Mine made a gallon and a quart.


I kept filling containers….I should have just kept it in the gallon jug! Ha!


Ok, so I am sure you are wanting the cost break down. Here you go…

distilled water – $0.88

Soap (2 bars @ $0.98) – $1.96

Glycerin – ($3.88 per 6oz bottle) – $0.97

Total Cost – $3.81

Break down per ounce – $0.02! Now that is frugal!!!!

Just for kicks, I looked up some popular body washes at walmart. Here’s what you pay per ounce…Body Essence – .14, Suave – .13, Zest – .20, Nivea – .18, Softsoap – .20.

Could you find, clip and hunt for free body wash? Probably. But this literally took me 10 minutes to make and I didn’t have to clip coupons to do it!

So far we love this soap! The Oatmeal and Almond smell is light and refreshing! Now, don’t be scared….you can do this! Be frugal!




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