Whip it up Weekend Recipe – DIY Magic Shell


I know it’s winter and ice cream is the last thing on everyone’s mind! BUT….right now in Texas, it’s unusually warm. Yet we are all still sporting scarves in the hopes that it will get cold again! I for one LOVE the winter. I’m not a snow girl, but I do love the cold….and ice cream! 🙂 What’s ice cream without a little magic shell?? It has to be my all time favorite topping! Of course in standard Little Brown Hen thinking, I knew I could make this myself! I found a recipe and guess what??? There is nothing magic about it! It’s sooo incredibly easy!! I had to convert the original recipe from metric measurements as not every one as a food scale to measure out the grams.

What you will need:

3oz of Coconut oil

5oz of chocolate

dash of salt

What you need to do:

Heat the coconut oil over medium low heat until melted. Add the chocolate and continue stirring until melted. Add a dash of salt. Pour into what ever container you plan to store it in. (This will fill an 8oz jar.) Let it cool and try it out!

Now, if you are not familiar with coconut oil, it’s a solid at 75° and lower. You may need to pop it in the microwave if it solidifies in the pantry. (do not refrigerate it!)

Once you get the hang of it, try adding some flavored extracts! Here are some yummy combos to try!

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate + orange extract
Semi sweet chocolate + mint extract
White chocolate + vanilla
White chocolate + vanilla + orange extract
Milk chocolate + vanilla + almond extract



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