Happy Valentine’s Day

First off, if this post is kind of wacky, I apologize. I’m trying the new blog app from my phone, so I’m still learning how it works.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!
We started off the morning with Cherry Almond Pancakes, heart shaped of course! If you have not invested in one of those pancake squirter things, I HIGHLY recommend it! (Or there are pinterest-y solutions too.) It is amazing the amount of creativity that flows when I have that thing in my hand! 🙂 We have eaten our names, flowers, people, houses, kites, cats…oh the list is endless! We have also eaten the letter of the week…it can be very educational too.

I have some other heart-themed crafts for the Chicks to do later. Maybe I will try another “Mobile” blog then too! This app could be dangerous!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
The Little Brown Hen


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