30-day House Cleaning Challenge Day #2

I hope you are having a fantastic morning! Are you ready for today’s challenge? Courtesy of Money Saving Mom our challenge today is….

Clean the bathrooms! 

There is just something about  a clean bathroom that makes me happy! 🙂

For me that will include:

  1. Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the bathrooms (I have 2). 
  2. Scrub the toilets 
  3. Spray and wipe down the sink area and tub. 
  4. Clean the mirror
  5. Sweep the floors (I just mopped them the other day)

What will your list include? Check back later for my before and after pictures! You guys have no idea how hard it is for me to let you see my house messy and dirty!

Follow along with my facebook page or use the twitter hashtag #Cleanin30 to see how others are doing! And feel free to link up your progress on your own blog in the comments!

Happy Cleaning!

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