30-day House Cleaning Challenge Day #19

I hope you are having a fantastic morning! I have already gotten my run in and am ready for today’s challenge! Are you ready? Courtesy of Money Saving Mom our challenge today is….

Clean the entryway, sweep out garage, or clean out and vacuum car.

Rooster Brown cleaned off the front porch this morning, before I had even looked at today’s challenge! Yay! We don’t have a garage, so I won’t be doing that one. But…I had already planned to detail the car today, so that is what I will be tackling today! I seriously feel like I’m back in college with the amount of water bottles strewn in the floorboard of the car. It’s sad, I know. Not to mention the amount of toys that like to go for a joyride…how does all this stuff end up in there anyway?!?! I mean really, I think the Chicks carry the entire game room into the car everytime we go somewhere! Geeze! Ok, moving on….

For me that will include:

  1. Remove all things that don’t belong in the car
  2. Throw away all the trash
  3. Wipe up any sticky fingerprints 🙂
  4. Clean the windows
  5. Vacuum

That’s it! What are you tackling today?? Just one item or are you going to be ambitious and do all 3?

Follow along with my facebook page or use the twitter hashtag #Cleanin30 to see how others are doing! And feel free to link up your progress on your own blog in the comments!

Happy Cleaning!

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