Homemade Alfredo Sauce

I found this really simple recipe on Pinterest, and decided I had to try it. Oh my was it delicious!!!! I will never buy jarred sauce again!

    Here’s what you need:

3/4 cup butter (please don’t use the fake, almost plastic stuff. Use real ‘made from cream’ butter!)
12 oz of light/low fat at cream cheese
3 tsp garlic powder
3 cups skim/fat free milk
9 oz reduced fat grated Parmesan
Course black pepper to taste

    Here’s what you do:

Melt butter in sauce pan over medium low heat. Add in cream cheese whisking until melted and smooth. Add in garlic powder and milk. Don’t worry if its runny, the Parmesan will fix that. Once thoroughly mixed, whisk in the Parmesan stirring until smooth. Add pepper to taste and serve over your favorite pasta!!

See how easy that was! This recipe said it served 6, but they must have been serving giants!! I didn’t measure it out for sure, but it could easily serve 8-10.




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