I’m Back….Kinda…

First off I want to apologize for not posting as regularly as I had wanted. On Father’s day, I got to tell Rooster Brown that a new chick would be hatching in February! It was quite an exciting day considering he was in Alaska on a mission trip! I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell him! Thank goodness for facetime! 🙂 Anyway, little did we know the complications that would come along with this pregnancy. Multiple trips to the doctor (1 1/2 away) every week, labs, ultrasounds, the works. I’m happy to say we are on the home stretch at 33 weeks and anxiously awaiting the safe arrival of our new chick.

So with delivery coming quickly and the gift of a new deep freeze (eek!), I am compiling freezer recipes from my own cookbooks along with some submitted by friends. Get ready for a new post coming soon with some amazing freezer recipes!

My posts might still be far between, but I promise, I haven’t forgotten!



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