This weeks menu!

I finally took time to write down my menu! Yay! This is the menu I am following this week. In parenthesis, I’ve added the foods that my non thm’ers eat. I’ve been trying to simplify my mornings by prepping as much of my breakfasts the night before for during the week. I am not an early morning person so the less work in the morning the better! For example, I make a large batch of quinoa and put it into single serve baggies in the freezer. The night before I toss a bag in the fridge to thaw for the next morning. I’ve also been prepping my Trimmy as much as I can the night before. I toss my butter and dry ingredients in the blender so all I have to do in the morning is add my hot coffee & any extracts I want. I have aso simplified my breakfast to 1 or 2 recipes per fuel type per week. Again….the less I have to think the better! I hope this menu helps to simplify your THM journey this week!

· Scrambled egg whites with quinoa & a wedge of laughing cow cheese & Trimmy Light (pg 430). ~ THM E

· Breakfast burrito with cheese & veggies with a Caramel Trimmy Light(pg 430). These can be made in advance too! Make a few up, wrap in a paper towel & plastic wrap & store in the fridge. ~ THM S

· Iced Gaston Protein Coffee for busy mornings. ~THM S

(The kiddos like simple breakfast, so I keep a stock of yogurt, eggs, pancakes, waffles and fruit for them to choose from.)


· Salad topped with grilled chicken, cheese, bacon & ranch dressing. ~ THM S

· Loaded Baked faux-tato with cheese, sour cream, butter etc. ~ THM S

· leftovers from the fridge

(Again, I keep the kids lunches simple. Chicken fries, sandwiches, snacky lunches with lunch meat, cheeses, fruit, crackers and of course….mac & cheese.)


· Cornbread Crusted Mexican Pie pg 132, served with a salad & green beans (and corn) ~ THM S

· Pizza, pg 211 & Salads ~ THM S

· Chicken Parmy, pg 161 & veggies ~ THM S

· Enchilada Wonder Casserole pg 145 ~ THM S

· Hot dogs for softball night…you can’t win them all! I’ll eat two hot dogs with no bun and a lot of fixin’s ~ THM S

· Lovin’ Tex Mex Skillet ~ THM E (I printed this recipe and it didn’t print the web address. As soon as I find it, I will properly link it!)

All the page numbers reference the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

My menu is a little S heavy this week, but it will be ok. I’ll try for more diversity next week! Leave a comment of your favorite THM dishes!

Have a great week! Enjoy!


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