Chocolatey Cake with Mocha Fudge Frosting – THM S

Hello Trim Healthy Mamas! I have a special treat for you! If you follow my Facebook page, then you saw my post early this week about the delicious chocolate cake I created. Let me tell you…with this creation, you will no longer feel left out or deprived at parties or celebrations! Continue reading

Starbucks Inspired Iced Coffee with a Trim Healthy Mama Twist

    Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m a coffee lover. I’m a cream swirled coffee lover. I’m a cream swirled sugar drenched coffee lover. And since it’s summer time, I like it on the rocks! In short…I LOVE STARBUCKS ICED … Continue reading

THM Menu 6/15

If you haven’t yet, purchased the Trim Healthy Mama book, I highly recommend to do it ASAP! I’ll be posting menus for the Trim Healthy Mama eating style, but they won’t make any sense if you haven’t read the book first. So without further ado…..

Here is what we are eating this week: (I am only including the THM versions, this will not include the non THM versions that the kids eat. They are growing, they don’t need to watch their fuel types!)


B: 2 slices Ezekiel Toast with one wedge Light swiss Laughing Cow Cheese and some Polaner All fruit with fiber, Fat Stripping Frappa (p.240) coffee version. (E Meal)

L: One low carb tortilla, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, one serving of turkey lunch meat and 100 grams of gala apples. (E Meal)

D: Mega Meatballs with cheesy broccoli and salad. (S Meal)


B: Fat Stripping Frappa (p.240)- Coffee version (FP meal)

L: Creamy Broccoli Soup (p.335) (S Meal)

D: Quinoa topped with Spaghetti sauce and ground turkey (E Meal)


B: Cheesy Eggs and turkey bacon (S Meal)

L: Grilled cheese on Swiss Bread with cheese crackers (p.395) (S Meal)

D: Pot Luck at church – Sorry, not sure what I’m making yet.


B: 2 slices Ezekiel Toast with one wedge Light swiss Laughing Cow Cheese and some Polaner All fruit with fiber, Fat Stripping Frappa (from the book) coffee version. (E Meal)

L: One low carb tortilla, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, one serving of turkey lunch meat and 100 grams of gala apples. (E Meal)

D: Beef Stroganoff over Brown Rice (E Meal)


B: Breakfast Burrito on a low carb tortilla (S Meal)

L: Cajun Tuna Melt on a Low Carb Tortilla (Basically just tuna, creole seasoning, chopped veggies of choice and some cheese – Laughing cow for a FP or some cheddar for an S)

D: Crock Pot Fiesta Chicken Salads (E, S, or FP depending on how you top it.)


B: 1 slice Ezekiel Toast with one wedge Light swiss Laughing Cow Cheese and some Polaner All fruit with fiber and an apple (It’s a early run day!) (E Meal)

L: Quesadillas with the leftover meat from last night.

D: Lemon Tilapia over brown rice or quinoa with a salad (E Meal)


Sunday’s you are going to be on your own, as it is kinda an adlib day for me. It’s a toss-up between leftovers from the week or eating out for lunch. Then for dinner we have a bible study group that goes potluck most weeks.


I do keep snacks on hand, but never plan them as I just eat as I feel in the moment and whatever my fuel is for that snack time. My fridge is always stocked with Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt, Cheese sticks, apples, stuff for a Big Boy Smoothie, etc.

I do hope all of this helps with your journey on THM!

Until next time!


**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama, nor am I compensated for my writings. All opinions are strictly my own.**


Sometimes life takes turns that you are not prepared for. Sometimes they are wonderful turns, sometimes they are trying turns. That happened not long after my last blog post of last summer….the turns. It’s been almost a year since I have written anything!!!  I am hoping this is the end of my impromptu blogging hiatus. I’ve missed writing. (I may not be that great at it, but I’ve missed it nonetheless.)

Here’s what’s been going on….

At the end of last summer, Rooster Brown was offered an amazing job opportunity. It was too good to pass up. We took a few weeks to pray about it and both felt that this was the direction God wanted us to take. Not only was this a career change, but a life change. You see, for the past 10+ years, we have owned our own businesses. That’s all we have known our whole married life. It’s all the Chicks have ever known. But, like I said this opportunity was amazing. So, Rooster Brown, sold the business we had built from the ground up, left the businesses owner world and went corporate. Big Change!!! But, not only that, but he also went back to school. Another big change!!! This has taken some getting used to! But I couldn’t be more proud of him! He has beautifully balanced work, school, and family and I love him for that!

Fast forward 7 months and we have our trying turn…..A huge tree fell on our house during some crazy storms we had in Texas. NOT FUN!!!!  Almost 2 months later and we are still in the repair phase. I tell you what, dealing with insurance companies and mortgage companies are a headache. But, Good news is, I think we are finally on our way to being all fixed up.

During all this craziness, I have taken up running again (it keeps me sane, for real…) and have taken control of my eating habits. It had gotten bad y’all. My cousin told me about an eating style she had been hearing about…Trim Healthy Mama. I looked more into it and decided from that moment, I could do this! This was an eating style I could live with FOREVER! Since then, I have lost 30 lbs and over 25 inches in 6 months!!!! (I’ll post before and after pictures in another post.) It has changed my life. Period. I was recently asked to “coach” some people starting out on THM and to share some of my menus. That’s when I decided to get this blog back up and running again. So….I’m back y’all!!!!! I can’t wait to share all this deliciousness with you!

Until then….

April 4, 2016

Wow can God throw you curveballs! Obviously I didn’t do well keeping this blog up. You know that corporate job Rooster Brown went to? So, a year into the job and he got a promotion! Woohoo! Crazy exciting! But…..we would have to move. So, amidst reconstruction, we packed up and moved to Dallas! Small town girl in a big city! 😱😱😱 Culture shock for sure.
Today makes 7 months since we have moved and I can finally say we’ve hit a steady rhythm. Rooster Brown is still going strong in school, Dean’s list baby! (I am so flippin’ proud of him!)
My goal for this blog is to post at least once a week. Fingers crossed. I know I have said it so many times! But I’m seriously this time! I’m trying to find a balance for all the things I love and that are important to me. Pray with me that I can find the sweet spot.
So…..until next time!